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She, meanwhile, claimed that her husband's co-ownership of the company until the end of - six months after he was first elected to Parliament, when he did not declare the holding as required - was merely a bank error.

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Mr Gunnlaugsson, after working as a journalist for public broadcaster RUV early in his career, made a name for himself as one of the leaders of InDefence, which was opposed to using public funds to reimburse British and Dutch depositors in failed bank Icesave. The Panama Papers now reveal that Wintris is listed among the bank's creditors, with millions of dollars in claims.

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Born on March 12, , Mr Gunnlaugsson comes from a political family, his father having also been elected to Parliament for the Progressive Party. He did well in his studies, and began a PhD at Oxford but did not complete it, becoming too absorbed in politics at home.

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He was a member of Parliament for Reykjavik from to , serving on the foreign affairs committee and on the Icelandic delegation to the European Economic Area and European Free Trade Association. I especially love the fact that this product is all natural and earth friendly. I also have friends that I have recommended this great product too, for their paints and appys.

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It was so unbelievable that he became that white after one washing. I do a lot of Halter showing with him so his white has to be as white as possible.

Winemaker Notes

I normally have to wash him at least two, maybe three times, to get him really white. I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to try your product.

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I am a new customer. When the pony was dried off, we all just stood there amazed. They were so excited to actually see it work.

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