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How an Apostolic-era, Messianic manuscript disappeared for years and has now been rediscovered.

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Read Online Order Copies Archives. Boaz Michael opens this issue with comments about the release of the new Vine of David resource, The Way of Life , a new translation of the Didache with Messianic Jewish commentary. He also brings us up to date on several other pending projects. Read some of the very interesting and encouraging stories shared by many of our readers from around the globe. Several high-profile people in the Messianic Jewish community share their thoughts and recommendations on The Way of Life. Toby Janicki tells the story of how the Didache was discovered and what that dicovery meant to the Christian and Messianic Jewish worlds.

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In this issue of Messiah Journal the entire text of the new translation of the Didache is presented. In this article, Toby Janicki shares the trials and joys of working on this monumental project, bringing this historic document to life for the modern community.

Guest writer Daniel Nessim writes about how the Jewishness of the Didache influenced the church. He presents the case for restoring the Jewishness of our faith in Yeshua. This article by D. Hebrews 6: lists instructions about washings as one of the basic things believers should know. Lancaster helps us discover an ancient Christian ritual practiced by the early first-century believers but that as long been lost and forgotten. How did the Apostles envision Gentiles approaching the issue of corporate, liturgical prayer?

Aaron Eby discusses the implications of Gentiles joining with the Jewish believers in the prayers of Israel. Sheldon Wilson presents the concept of hypocrisy as it was originally conveyed in the world of the apostles. Do you see a trend of historians who teach at colleges and universities entering the arena of museums, historical societies and media? I think it is important for historians to engage the public. I also have the deepest respect for my friends in the museum and historical society world who are doing great work in promoting the past.

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I want to think together with them about how to best bring historical thinking to our communities and our nation. Your blog regularly touches on politics, including observations about this presidential election season. How can historians, observers about the importance of the past, contribute to discussions about current events. I think this happens in three ways. After a historically large protest in Barcelona in February last year demanding solidarity with refugees, the Colau administration led other cities to jointly denounce the low numbers of refugees being accepted by the Spanish state.

However, there are also limits to their achievements.

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Undocumented African migrants forced to survive by street-selling counterfeit goods — suffering police repression as a consequence — believe the Town Hall is failing to fight for them and have set up their own union. The new municipal governments have faced more obstacles than their predecessors. As well as being minority governments and having to reach deals with other parties in order to pass policies, resistance to change has emerged from within the city apparatus.

After Colau was elected mayor, municipal police chiefs resigned — sending a warning to the new administration that it should not make policing changes, which is how things have developed. They also prevent councils rehiring privately hired workforces as public employees if a municipalization is implemented, encouraging workers to oppose such a change. Because this coincided with preparations for the Catalan independence referendum, which the central government tried to repress, Montoro chose not to punish the city and thereby avoided opening up a parallel conflict.

Yet once Madrid took direct control of the Catalan institutions in November, it used this power to hold back five million euros owed to Badalona. For GBeC the incident confirms that the struggle for municipal independence cannot be separated from fighting for a Catalan state. The Town Hall has taken clear sides in favour of the referendum and against the imprisonment of Catalan ministers and activists, and has suffered legal threats and actions as a result.

This disappointed many of its supporters who disobeyed Madrid and the police to make the vote happen. But both plans have powerful enemies and their success will probably require new acts of disobedience — both inside and outside the institutions. Luke Stobart is currently writing a book for Verso on recent challenges to the status quo in the Spanish state which will be crowdfunded on verkami. This article is from the May issue of New Internationalist.

You can access the entire archive of over issues with a digital subscription. Patreon is a platform that enables us to offer more to our readership. New Internationalist is a lifeline for activists, campaigners and readers who value independent journalism. It is free to read online — please support us so we can keep it that way. About us Ethical shop. Reclaiming the city. Badalona Town Hall arranged a participatory process in which 7, people voted on how to spend half of the municipal budget. Help us produce more like this Patreon is a platform that enables us to offer more to our readership.

X New Internationalist is a lifeline for activists, campaigners and readers who value independent journalism.

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Related Articles. The new Spanish Islamophobia. A far-right regional party in Spain is making gains in the run up to national elections. Their strategy? A campaign of Stranded in Melilla: the migrants stuck in Spanish enclaves. Julian Hattem speaks to the migrants trapped in limbo.

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The UK must stop aid to failing private schools. How did we get to the point where two African countries are trying to shut down our aid funded schools? Nick Dearden asks. The Latin American nation goes to the polls 1 July to elect a new president. Tamara Pearson reports. The almighty investor.

Lavinia Steinfort on the insidious 'investor protection mechanisms' stacking the odds in favour of corporations. The efficiency myth.

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Nick Dowson dismantles the notion that the private sector does things better. Jakarta's water woes. A civil society lawsuit has ended the city's water sell-off. But the fight isn't over. Febriana Firdaus reports. The state vs people power in Catalonia. How the Committees for the Defence of the Republic are fighting for democracy in Catalonia. Luke Stobart writes. The case for public ownership. After decades of neglect, the mood is turning. Dinyar Godrej on the fightback against privatization. Unhappy birthday NHS? Britain's medical provision is being hollowed out by privatization, says Youssef El-Gingihy.

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Post-election violence in Honduras. The Hondurans who took to the streets following the election were met by a hailstorm of teargas and sometimes live gunfire, NHS campaigner Jo Land explains why she is resisting changes through the courts.

Five reflections on the death of Mame Mbaye. Sarah Babiker reports. The election results come as no surprise after a campaign marked by racist violence, argues Hsiao-Hung Pai.