e-book New to teaching? 100 tips for survival.

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I completed a master degree in Instructional Design, this is by far the best, most comprehensive book I have used! Very concise history and pedagogy just enough info--but not an overload. Such applicable suggestions and laid out in a very logical sequence. We will be using this for professional development on our community college campus! Great book full of terrific tips for on-line teaching. I have learned a lot from this book and it is going to be used for faculty development in my department.

Simple and easy to follow. The book takes you through the stages of online courses. Great reference book for someone self studying or in a class. Great information for the teacher who needs online teaching advice. The contributors in this book are very well known. This is s great read for all levels of educators. Highly supported by current research, with practical application suggestions also.

The Biology Teacher's Survival Guide

Very good book! A lot of useful information for designing online courses.

Very explicative and pedagogical. Great condition. Using this book as a textbook for a class. Arrived promptly and just as described. Clique aqui. CNPJ Day 1 will cover: 1. Afternoon — Exercise — Group movement to objective with opposing forces. Day 2 will cover: 1. Late Morning — Exercise — Individual escape, then individual movement to objective with opposing blocking forces 3. Afternoon — Debrief. Scenario: While bugging out to your wilderness retreat, you and your family have been captured by a gang of scavengers, they have restrained you and your family with an assortment of restraints.

While they are busy going over your vehicle supplies and entertaining the other previously captured females, you observe that your bug out bags, weapons and gear are stacked nearby and that no guards are obvious!

Guide New to teaching? 100 tips for survival.

You must 1. Quickly FREE yourself and your family during your captors distraction, 2. Escape without notice, 3. Avoid pursuit and recapture while making your way through the wilderness to your retreat and safe area. Skills include: small group movement, communications, counter tracking techniques, navigation, camouflage, restraint escape, and Individual bushcraft.

Humans are both resilient and fragile at the same time. You start encountering trouble when you are without shelter for more than 3 hours, so lets learn how to fix that.

We will spend the day outside practicing different skills and techniques of shelter building, and fire starting with a wide variety of techniques. Learn it well as it may just save your life! Just how do you use a map and compass?

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We will show you how. Both field and classroom work involved. Materials required: Orienteering style handheld compass, sturdy footwear, dress for the weather as we will be outside for portions of the class. Lunch, fluids, sunscreen or bug repellent recommended. This class will also cover navigation with out compasses, telling time without a watch and navigating with a watch.

How do you use your new GPS?

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Ever have an interest in Geocaching? Materials required: GPS handheld unit, fresh batteries, sturdy footwear, dress for the weather as we will be outside for portions of the class.

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Lunch, handheld orienteering style compass, fluids, sunscreen etc recommended. Tactical movement to reduce visibility and discovery. Camouflage, counter tracking, leave no trace, awareness, and more. Both Man and Animal — This used to be a common skill. Applicable to both animal and man tracking.

Leave No Trace Confessional: I Pooped in Front of an Audience

We will be discussing the principles of tracking and then applying these skills in the field. Come to class with sturdy footwear, long sleeve shirts and long pants. Knee pads may be desired as we spend a lot of time on the ground. Dress for the weather. Bring lunch, fluids, pen and paper, sunscreen, bug repellent, etc….

Overnight trip. Learn what you should always carry on your person, and how to use those everyday carry items EDC.

6 Basic Beginner's Tips For Starting Out In 'Fortnite: Battle Royale'

Learn what you can do without any other item on your person or available. Cutting tools, fire starting, water purification and shelter making are covered using only what you can improvise. Survival kits and EDC items are covered in detail as well. Water purification, shelter construction, Direction finding, Survival mindset, and too much more to list.

Who will survive?

Definitely the basic start to making your life easier in the wild! Caught outside without your firearms or cutting tools? Have to evade and escape without being ready? Can you survive and can you eat without your gear or pack? If not, we will prepare you for your walk out and how to make a variety of weapons to take game or defend yourself. We will construct these weapons and cutting tools, and we will cover how to hunt, clean and prepare your catch.