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In his mind, it was easier to keep her memory alive than it was to see her again. His awareness was slowly shifting; new opportunities were presenting themselves to him. A new story was emerging as he cautiously embraced a new direction. Would it include her? Would he move past his fear and merge both of their worlds? Arion was moving towards unconditional love, and at the same time, Sapphire was too. Their time apart made them both realize how deep their connection was, no matter how much time had passed, and the distance between them, they were always connected.

Deep healing was taking place in them both that could only be accomplished through separation. They both now had to figure out who they wanted to be. The dots were connecting, and with fate, there was always the possibility of them coming back together. Labels: The Story of Sapphire and Arion.

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As a young adult I wanted to learn more about my experiences. I began researching and journaling my dreams. I didnt know it at the time but my journals would become valuable to me.

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I saw a pattern emerge. What I was dreaming days, weeks, or years before was happening in my waking life. At the age of 24, I met my twin soul and my spiritual gifts multiplied. At the age of 32, I had my kundalini awakening that was brought on by a psychological crisis and my failing marriage.

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I want to encourage others to journal their dreams because what is inside of you does create your reality. Dreams allow you to also identify the many egos within you and work towards eliminating them. They are a good tool to use to awaken your consciousness and prepare for your next journey beyond this life. My faith in God has gotten me through many dark nights. My spiritual path is difficult and anyone in search of truth will know its not easy to follow Gods calling in your life.

When you do finally encounter God it changes you forever. View my complete profile. The Song of Songs, also referred as the Song of Solomon, is the only book of love poems in the Bible.

A lyric poem in dialogue form, the B I was twenty-four when I encountered the Friend. On one of my days of worshipping God there was a knock on the door. When I opened the do Refuses to admit wrong doing.

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  • To accept responsibility would violate the core of inse Kahlil Gibran and May Ziadah in Love. May Ziadah was a regular contributor to leading newspapers and periodicals of her age. Her work as a reviewer of new literary work in Celtic Wisdom- The Styles of Vision. The human eye is one place where the intensity of human presence becomes uniquely focused and available. Here is a quick look at what will be available to you a few minutes from now Blueprint No. This is the ultimate guide to connect and integrate your higher self into your everyday life and dare to take that leap of change that is sometimes needed.

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    Read this and inspire yourself to be a conscious creator. If you're tired of not having the energetic wind in your sails, now is the time to be the change you want to see in the world These are the traits you will begin to describe yourself with, once you grasp the full meanings of the teachings contained in my three blueprints. You can download them to your smartphone or tablet so that you can take them anywhere. If one of your goals in life is This offer will be withdrawn or changed to a higher price very soon and is available only to my new subscribers. If you download it today, I will add one special and unique free bonus that you can immerse yourself in, right away, today, wherever you are.

    Those 7 keys are:. And finally…. Your inner power. I wish you all the best! See you on the other side! Thanks for tuning in The information has assisted me tremendously with my spiritual growth and development. The more I read, the more I unlock those chambers inside myself, which consequently reminds me of who I am.

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