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On the Air Knowing Christ with Dr. Ritch Boerckel. Morning Programs. View Schedules. Knowing Christ Dr. Wisdom for the Heart Stephen Davey. Living a Legacy Crawford Loritts. A New Beginning Greg Laurie. You will be left full of wonder when you consider again the lengths Christ went through to make us children of God. Before the apostle Paul became a Christian, he was an enemy of Christ.

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From birth to rebirth, explore the radical transformation that left Paul fully committed to Jesus as Christ, Lord, God and Saviour. Modern-day Iran was for centuries known as Persia. Recorded in the pages of the Bible are prophecies and accounts of Persian kings, heroic battles and royal proclamations that changed the world. This intriguing documentary brings to light the story of one of the greatest empires the world had ever seen, showing how God used both Persia and the Jewish people to help fulfil His promises.

Discover how He is directly involved in all history—and can be trusted with our future. Have you ever wondered what it means to live wisely? David Cook takes you through Psalms 1 and 2 with fresh insight and careful exposition to help you understand what it means to live by the wisdom of God.

King David: Trusting God for a Lifetime

Who is Jesus? Who or what is the church? Why is the Trinity important? What is the role of the Holy Spirit? Have a listen to our popular Bible teaching series Looking Deeper! These important, and bite-sized, teaching segments on key Christian beliefs will help you reflect again on some of the core truths of your faith! Each short, engaging explanation is around 15 minutes long, making them perfect for car journeys or for kick-starting your day with a biblical reflection.

He was mourned all around the world when he passed away in With personal interviews and vintage footage, this DVD shares his humble beginnings on a small farm and how God called him as a young boy to spread the good news of Jesus. Famous for his wisdom, he was hailed for building the first temple of God in Jerusalem.

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But why go back to a king who lived almost 3, years ago? Because 1 Kings not only tells us about the rulers of old, but, more importantly, also points us to an even greater King who will never fail us! Continue with us in our fascinating series on 1 Kings as we explore further the sovereignty of God—our real King! You might be tempted to think 1 Kings is just a boring, out-dated book, but God has included it in His Word deliberately because it can help us get to know Him better. However, not many know the story behind this well-known classic.

Their fascinating, God-centred and incredibly uplifting story will inspire you to deepen your own walk with God and give your utmost for His highest! The New Testament is clear that Jesus Christ came into the world to save us and to give us a quality of life that would be absolutely impossible otherwise. How does this good news affect you?

What will you do with this amazing gift that God offers you through Jesus Christ?

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These 10 lessons, each under 20 minutes give an overview of the New Testament to explain both the eternal and everyday importance of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. How well do you know their stories? And do you know what they have to do with us? The stories of the Old Testament are important even today. This CD, including 10 Bible Basics lessons, will help you understand how all the stories found in the Old Testament fit together, teach us valuable lessons for our own lives and help tell the story of Jesus.

Each lesson is around 15 minutes long, making them perfect for starting your day reflecting on the incredible ways God revealed His love and purpose in the Old Testament. Bill shared the unfolding story with us through the eyes of Malchus, Pontius Pilate, Simon of Cyrene and the Roman Centurion, providing a deeper understanding of the salvation God was achieving for us through the cross.

Listen to the powerful talks from our Bible conference in ! Bible teacher and Our Daily Bread writer Bill Crowder looks through some of the psalms to show how their heartfelt prayers can bring us back to the God of all grace and comfort. You can also stream the talks online at ourdailybread. We have chosen 7 of these stories to encourage you with their witness of God working in their lives. The book of Revelation opens with letters of love, instruction, rebuke and hope to seven ancient churches.

God has created the heavens and the earth; the mountains and the valleys; He established the rivers, the lakes, the stars, and the seas. He has made us male and female. He established animal life, the fish in the sea, the birds in the air. He desires your enlightenment. God wants us to be confident. We have responsibilities to help others: In our major cities, hundreds, if not thousands have spent the night on the roads and the sidewalks.

Part 1: Overview of David's Life // Studies in the Life of David // Mike Bickle // IHOPKC

And then they will see the Son of man coming in clouds with great power and glory. And then he will send out the angels, and gather his elect from the four winds, from the ends of the earth to the ends of heaven. Time is running out! Sing to God, sing praises to His name; lift up a song to Him who rides upon the clouds; His name is the Lord, exult before Him!

Guide King David: Trusting God for a Lifetime (Fisherman Bible Studyguides)

We all want to be happy — and most of us want happiness for others. Happiness can come from a variety of happenings. We gain happiness from doing something well. We can study and obtain knowledge. We can create.

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We may become proficient with a musical or artistic talent. And happiness can also come from our relationships with other people. Can we be happy alone? If you are in a situation where others are mistreating you, it might make you happier to be alone. Thank Goodness, Joy comes from within, when we are at one with the Lord. In HIM we are never alone. Having a religion is one thing. Having a relationship with the Lord is entirely different. We can believe Elvis existed and may have even seen him in concert. His desire is that we might have joy, and that our joy may be FULL. Lift up the light of thy countenance upon us O Lord! Thou hast put more joy in my heart than they have when their grain and wine abound.

Nothing can substitute for a personal encounter with the Savior. Knowing Jesus brings Joy that can never be experienced by outward religious observance alone.

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Jesus said in Matthew We came into this world through our parents. While we were babies, they cared for us. As we grew up, they provided for us.