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But because I believed I could do more. As long as a person exists, he has not yet died. You might think this is too rational. Or that it lacks compassion to those who lost their loved ones.

We can either hold onto sadness or turn that loss into something meaningful. One of my friends passed away earlier this year. It took us all by surprise. We were just assimilating his recent cancer diagnosis. Losing a friend hurts deeply. When I miss him, I feel sad, but it also reminds me to celebrate life. He deserves we pay respects to his early departure. Instead of trying to hold onto life forever, embrace its ephemerality.

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What if we see life as a preparation for dying? When death knocks your door, be ready to leave. Live without regrets.

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Western civilizations fear death. In our material world, life has become a possession too.

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And we cannot let go of it. Interestingly enough, when someone dies, even the most religious folks feel sad. We hold onto life as a material property, thus blinding our spiritual beliefs. But you manage how.

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Come to terms with death. We like to feel invincible or immortal for that matter.

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It takes guts to confront this vulnerable truth: the only sure thing is how uncertain life is. We avoid thinking about death, yet we fear it in silence. Try this exercise I learned from Bernie Roth at Stanford. Answer one question at a time. We take time for granted. But when the end is around the corner, we regret our assumptions. Some people get anxious about finishing or starting their most valuable project. Everyone agrees that they want to spend their last 10 minutes with their close family.

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This exercise is very moving, especially done in a group setting. The premise of confronting our future death is a powerful reflection on how we are living. The purpose of this exercise is to stop taking life for granted. Like it happened to me when I had to survive the cold weather in Patagonia. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow. Adding a sense of urgency to your life makes you focus on what really matters. Spend your energy doing something worthy of your time on Earth.

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Buddhism promotes meditating on death and dying as a way to embrace it and prepare in advance. Most people find this idea absurd. Death is both inevitable and uncertain. Spiritual practice can train our mind to accept that truth instead of being in denial. Even if you feel skeptical, I would recommend you give this death meditation a try. Live the way you want to be remembered. Let your acts and legacy pen it instead. We use this exercise in some of our change leadership workshops. Writing your own obituary is not easy. Thinking about your death is moving.

Go on. Write your own obituary. If you are humorous, let your epitaph be fun also. Use the following template. Share your thoughts. What did you learn about yourself by doing this exercise? How would you define your relationship with death? Release Date September 11, Satellite P. Set It Off. Youth of the Nation. The Messenjah.

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