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My main motivation for my visit was I was having problems with out of control blood sugar due to my type 2 diabetes. My morning numbers on my meter were averaging 12mmols and making me feel ill.

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After 5 days with Justin and Steve following their simple program my blood sugar was at 4. I had a great time on the program and the community and support of the other guys was amazing. If you are have similar issues to me I can not recommend this program enough. Just follow the simple and easy program given to you will have success. Jay here from Sydney.

Toss Out the Top

I have had a wonderful time at Weight Loss for men Thailand. The program that Justin and Steve have created is brilliant…. The program that Justin and Steve have created is brilliant.

I am a vegetarian and they tailored the program to my needs. The best part of the program is everything they teach you; you can take back home. The program continues to be a part of your life. The program has also been great for my skin — as I suffered psoriasis and also has reduced join pain due to arthritis. I highly recommend the program.

A walk out to the pool was the hardest thing I have ever experienced. Heart banging on my chest, dizzy, breathless and anxiety beyond words I truly believed I was going to have a heart attack at my best friends 50th birthday celebration I must of cried 5 different times and then cursed myself the rest of the time. I was so embarrassed and just wanted to curl up in a ball.

I remember walking up to the stairs to the airplane and having another panic attack, the flight attendant sweet guy who was on my LA to Aspen flight recognized me and came down the stairs to ask me if I needed assistance god bless the kind people who have unpleasant jobs and still possess compassion. I arrived in San Francisco exhausted, fatigued and feeling helpless.

At the age of 50 years I felt like my life was over. Every day normal easy tasks for most humans had become a challenge and just pulling myself together to be in public was a challenging effort beyond words. Not to mention the horrifying thought loop in my mind that I could have a heart attack or stroke and die at any minute.

That night I spent the entire evening on the Internet researching programs around the world. I immediately dialed the phone number and called Justin the owner. Explained to him I needed help. He told me to get on the plane and get to Thailand. I am sure glad I did. I have been to many weight-loss camps, programs and retreats. WLFMT is different. The program is quite simple and extremely effective. I thought they were crazy but after the first week all my hunger disappeared and I was able to exist without cheating or freaking out.

Month Three

Justin and Steve have a way of allowing YOU to make all your decisions on taking care of yourself. They logically approach your situation with sensitivity and what works for you. The only pressure you feel is your own desire to feel better and get healthier for yourself. So, to date I have lost 50 pounds over 20kg. Additional note: when I arrived I was on close to a dozen different pharmaceuticals for a myriad of medical challenges.

Within two weeks the doctor cut my medicine in over half.

Get a Smaller Waist in 28 Days - How to Lose Weight Fast! (weight loss tips)

I also get full nights of sleep without the help of sleeping medication, no more insomnia. So bravo to Justin and Steve for having an effective approach to a mind numbing cluttered world of weight loss promises. They teach you a strategy that you can use for the rest your life.

Why you shouldn't exercise to lose weight, explained with 60+ studies - Vox

Thank you gentlemen! Chiang Mai is an awesome city! Sorry for the spelling and grammar I hacked this out on my i-phone …… read less. I had been putting on more and more weight and felt helpless as… read more I have just returned, to London, after spending 2 months at WLFMT. I had withdrawn from family and friends, alienating the people I loved, becoming a social recluse.

One man's quest to lose his belly fat

It seemed to offer a long term solution rather than a quick fix and the results appeared too good to be true. I agreed to go for a month and about 2 weeks later arrived in Chiang Mai. I arrived weighing kilos, unable to walk further than metres without back ache, pains in my knees and needing a rest. I found it difficult to breathe and was always drenched in sweat, whatever the weather.

Simple, every day activities like putting my socks on, tying my shoes, cutting my toenails, climbing the stairs, getting in and out the bath, wiping my enormous behind had become difficult, if not impossible. Justin explained how the main focus was food, not excessive exercise, and keeping things simple. The idea was to give us the tools we could take home and use in our every day life. I had lost about 10 kilos and was already beginning to feel healthier.

I was able to start gentle exercise, mainly walking. My family were amazed, not only with the weight loss but as they put it how I was slowly coming back to life. This time, there was no argument. I returned home some 30 kilos lighter, blood pressure normal, bloods normal, healthy and ready to take on the world. I have a way to go yet, with the weight, but know I will continue and finish what I started.

I have got my life back and my children have got their dad back. The attached photo was taken today on a 5 km walk with my kids!!! If you are reading this the chances are you are overweight and looking for change. So exciting to have finally found a weight loss program that works , that teaches, that inspires and is so simple.

Lost 23 kgs in… read more So exciting to have finally found a weight loss program that works , that teaches, that inspires and is so simple. Lost 23 kgs in 7 weeks. Since back in Australia I have continued the weight loss because Justin and Steve have taught me the right way going forward.

I was there with men with all the same goals and we all inspired each other.

How to Lose 20 lbs. of Fat in 30 Days… Without Doing Any Exercise

Accomodation and food and training is first class. Never hungry and the weight poured off. Highly recommended for men who have struggled all their lives with weight issues. I needed a lifestyle change! Was not massively overweight but was heading to a road I did not wana go down. Justin was great. Delivered… read more I needed a lifestyle change! Delivered a program that suited me and my needs. He educated me to a Point where I can now go home and continue this journey to a healthy lifestyle!

I thank you for the support and advice you have given me. Started at 90kgs now I first made contact with the guys at WL4MT late last year. At the time I weighed about kgs. Since being in Thailand and physically on the program I have lost a further 55 kilos and I am now a total of 70 kilos lost in about 6 months. This has been a giant eye opener for me and my family because we always thought for sure I was going to basically be big forever, but now I know how easy it can be to get back to being a normal guy with a regular life.

I just really have to thank Justin, Steve and Mit for changing my life, maybe even saving my life.

Any big guys out there, you need to look at this. If I can do it, guys we can all do it. For the past 3 years I have attempted to lose weight but have not been successful. Diets, Personal Trainers, Gym Memberships, I had failed… read more For the past 3 years I have attempted to lose weight but have not been successful. For me weight loss was more important than just my vanity and looking thinner, I have type 2 diabetes that was out of control and I had an addiction to sugar that was as every bit as real as they talk about with a heroin users. I decided I needed to go away from home and check into a weight loss facility.

I began searching all over the world but all I found were bootcamps and juice cleanse places I knew that was just another gimmick and not about serious weight loss. I came across Weight Loss for Men Thailand and in reviewing their website it looked exactly like what I needed.