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Confess dr. Confessions of a nazi spy ,,Edward G. Crimi clowns 2. Damn citizen ,,Keith Andes,14x22in, Dangerous liasons ,,Glenn Close,14x22in, Dangerous when wet ,,Esther Williams,14x22in, Dark command ,,John Wayne,14x22in, Dark eyes of london ,,Karin Baal,14x22in, Daughter of dr. David and goliath ,,Orson Welles,14x22in, Dawn of the dead ,US,,George A. Day of the dead ,,George A. Day of the dead ,US,,George A. Dead calm ,,Nicole Kidman,14x22in, Deadly obsession ,,Darnell Martin,videoposter,6.

Dear wife ,,William Holden,14x22in, Death in a red jaguar ,,Heinz Weiss,14x22in, Deathwish 4 the crackdown ,,Charles Bronson,14x22in, In control of all of the supernaturals is the Ancient Order, which employs immortals as warriors to keep the Dark Breed rogue Vampyres, demons, and shape shifters, aka lychen from decimating the human population. My initial impression is that this series, rather than being fresh and inventive, is an attempted knock-off of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Ones series, but with way too much convoluted world building and not nearly enough humor and character development.

This world has three realms: Above mortal earth where all mortals and a few nonhumans reside , Below where nonhumans conduct their daily business , and Beyond home of the gods, aka Olympus. The supernaturals at the top of the pecking order are the Greek gods and goddesses, from Ares and Artemis all the way up to Zeus. The powers of the gods and goddesses are waning, and the search is on for their replacements, the Chosen. Unfortunately, a mysterious serial killer is murdering the Chosen. The series heroine is Kyana, a half-Vampyre, half-Lychen tracer for the Order.

She and her fellow tracers must track down the missing Chosen before they are murdered.

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Kyana has no love for humans, but she protects them nonetheless, by hunting down and disposing of Dark Breed. Kyana is directed to retrieve the key to the gate of Hell so that it can be locked up to prevent more hellish creatures from escaping Above. Cronos wants to come back so that he can take out his vengeance on all the gods and goddesses. Kyana and Ryker had a sour romantic moment years ago, but they are still attracted to one another. Two other key characters are Haven a powerful witch and healer and Geoffrey another tracer.

The four friends collect and interpret a myriad of clues as they search for the mystical key. The book ends with a twist and a cliffhanger, which plays out in book 2. Ascension spends a great deal of time on complicated world building, because this series tries to cram in a little bit of everything—from the Greek gods to traditional supernatural creatures to Underworld mythology. Kyana is a stereotypically foul-mouthed, headstrong heroine who is hard to warm up to.

The Werewolf and His Boy

The plot has a few serious holes, with the main characters jumping to hugely spontaneous conclusions based on small or no amounts of factual information. Contains: graphic sexual scenes, violence, and gore.

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Bedeviled by Sable Grace. Available: new and used mass market paperback; ebook. This is the second book in the Dark Breed urban fantasy series. Then they start the search-capture-lose sequence anew—and then again, which begins to get tedious. This little episode is tossed in as an attempt to lighten things up, but the scene is so awkward that it is more annoying than entertaining. Although the series mythology is over-the-top complex, it is well-defined and works well enough with the story line.

The weakness lies with the shallow and predictable characters. The gods and goddesses are like paper cut-outs, with their brittle beauty, fine clothing, and superficial personalities. Kyana is the most predictable of them all—reacting to almost every situation with stubbornness and rage.

Ryker is always his lovesick self, trying to believe that Kyana has the ability to be the best that she can be.

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Dead Mann Walking by Stefan Petrucha. Available: New and Used. This is the first book in the Hessius Mann series. In this world, dead people can be brought back to life. Unfortunately, the newly revitalized person has none of the attributes of a live human being. Instead, it has the traditional characteristics of a zombie: persistent rotting, lack of emotion, stiffness of motion, dry skin, and wonky memories. Coming back from the dead is called getting ripped : from the acronym for the process: r adical i nvigoration p rocedure RIP. Ripped persons are called chakz.

Real live people call themselves livebloods to differentiate themselves from the chakz.

The second new word is hakkers , the name given to drunken gangs of armed livebloods who head for the chak shantytowns on Friday nights to slash and hack as many chakz as possible while the police look the other way. This type of ripping is now common due to the Revivification as Restitution Act RAR , which requires that the wrongfully executed be brought back as chakz. As the story opens, Hess is hired by a liveblood attorney named William Turgeon to track down a chak named Frank Boyle, another unfortunate man who was mistakenly executed and then ripped.

Frank's father has died and left him a fortune, and Turgeon has been tasked with finding the heir. In the meantime, Hess has been following the TV coverage of a series of murders in which dismembered chakz are discovered around the city—all missing their heads. Eventually, Hess realizes that he has stumbled into a nightmare in which he is on the list to be the next victim of a sociopathic killer. Although there are a few inconsistencies and illogical events in the plot, this is a fascinating world.

Hess is a great character—trying to maintain as normal an existence as possible, but always on the verge of going feral.

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Hess's relationship with Misty, his liveblood assistant, whom he saved from crack addiction, is quite heartwarming as they carry out their everyday tasks e. Although the villain is crazy bad and we know his identity early on, there is a nice twist at the end that will probably surprise you. Petrucha has wonderful skills with language, particularly with his gritty metaphors. Recommended for public libraries. Contains: graphic violence.

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Cosmic Forces by Gregory Lamberson. Medallion Press, Available: New paperback. Marla believes her husband is cheating, and she wants Jake to gather evidence so she can use it as leverage for a divorce.

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Jake decides to take the case, but what he finds the mayor doing is far worse and much more sinister than just sleeping around. When Jake follows the mayor on a weekend retreat to upstate New York, he witnesses a ritual murder and is chased by creatures that could only have been created in a lab by Nicholas Tower, who is now deceased. It seems the mayor has become part of the Order of Avademe, a group of powerful industrialists who have steered major world events for hundreds of years.

Led by Karlin Reichard, the Order, made up of eight men, worship a powerful being. In order for Jake to bring them down he must join the Order. The Realms are looking for a creature that has been eating souls for centuries. Gregory Lamberson is on a roll with the Jake Helman Files. Well-written and with excellent pacing, Cosmic Forces is a wild ride of Biblical proportions. Jake Helman is an engaging character, rough around the edges and on par with Kolchak from the Night Stalker series.

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I was completely surprised when the nature of Avademe was revealed. Cosmic Forces can stand on its own as a novel but I strongly recommend starting from the beginning, with Personal Demons and then Desperate Souls, so you get a real feel for some of the characters and what Jake Helman is all about. This is a must-get for fans of paranormal detective stories, and I think most horror fans will enjoy it as well.

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Contains: violence, adult language and sexual situations. Reviewed by: Colleen Wanglund. Macmillan Audio, Available: Audio. To face the dangers ahead, and to defeat the enemy, Wax must use his Allomancy power, which allows him to push on metals, and his Feurchemy power, which allows him to alter his weight to become heavier or lighter as needed.